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An honest and expert guide to sell antique jewellery.

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Do you want to sell antique jewellery or are curious of its value?

Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to inherit a fine piece of jewellery. Maybe you have received a gift you will not wear. You may be clearing out the back end of a collection or looking to raise some extra cash. There are many reasons to sell antique jewellery. Here we will walk you through how to assess the value of your jewellery and where to sell it.

How is jewellery valued?

Sell antique jewellery to our  professional diamond grader and antique jewellery expert.

What is it made of?

First, look for any hallmarks, most vintage/contemporary precious metals should have one. The majority of antique jewellery is not marked. Next, What are the gemstones? of course you may need testing by a professional. Once you’ve established the metal, you can weigh the item to get a scrap value. Then add the value of the gemstones. This your starting point known as its intrinsic value.

Is it in good condition?

Assess the condition. Is the piece incomplete? unoriginal? restored? The factors will affect the resale value. Unfortunately, it’s not always viable to restore a piece. In which case we must take into consideration the intrinsic value.

Is it saleable?

Depending on fashion; some items are in vogue where as others sit on the shelf. The rarity and history of an item can also increase the value.


  • Check auction results – Many auctions will have a sale archive.
  • Compare prices online – Look at similar items at retailers and take the average price.
  • Books – Look in specialist jewellery price guides.
  • Ask around – ask people in the know.

Get a valuation:

In brief there are 3 main types of Jewellery valuation :

Insurance – Put simply this is an immediate retail replacement cost. You can expect this valuation to be highly inflated. Typically, its around 4 times the fair market price.

Sale Valuation – The price someone would pay you for the items today. Of course this varies depending on where you get the valuation.

Probate – In effect an auction estimate.

Where can I sell antique jewellery?

Sell antique jewellery for immediate cash


Auctions can be an exciting and competitive place to sell. They will appraise your items for free and give you an estimate of price. With a wide international reach you can expect your item to make its fair market value.

If you are lucky enough to get 2 competing bidders, you may be in for a surprise.

You can expect to pay 10 to 15% commission. Buyers are also charged around 25% in fees. This equates to 40% in fees from your items true value. Most auctions conduct 4 specialist sales per year, they can take up to 8 weeks to pay you after the auction.

Of course, there is a risk that your item may not sell or the buyer decides not to go ahead with the sale.


Your quickest and simplest option is to visit a jeweller. Although, be sure that they are trustworthy, read reviews.

They should be able to tell you what you have and offer you a cash price. Most jewellers value your items on their intrinsic value. They often do not specialize in the field of antique and vintage jewellery. Bear in mind jewellers must make a profit.

Online Marketplace

If you are confident in your valuation and patient then this could be the best way to sell your jewellery. For instance, marketplaces such as Etsy, e-bay, Facebook are good for novices.

You will need to photograph, describe and ship your items, as well as answer messages

Depending on the platform you use, fees can range from 10 – 30%.

Jewellery Buying Postal Services

You may consider selling through a jewellery buying postal service. They offer a quick and easy solution. Request a pre-paid envelope and then send them your items. You can expect a quick response and immediate payment into you bank.

However, you may get an unfair valuation with little concern for your items. But please do your research and read reviews before sending your items in the post. Should you not make a deal, Your items may not get returned. Also Items can get damaged upon return due to inappropriate packaging.

When is the best time to sell antique jewellery?

Antique jewellery selling has modernized with the help of technology and social media. Furthermore there is huge demand for natural untreated gemstones, signed pieces and early jewellery.

As a result of the pandemic raw materials became scarce in supply. At the same time investment demand grew due to economic uncertainty. naturally gold and gemstone prices are at record highs.

To summarize, there has never been a better time to sell antique jewellery!

See what we can offer.

We are looking for antique, vintage jewellery of any kind and price point. With over 20 years of experience buying jewellery we can identify the materials, age, and value of your jewellery. In addition, our chief appraiser is a qualified diamond grader with Gem-A.

We have a large network of private and trade clientele across the globe. We offer fair prices and immediate payment for your old jewellery.

Our customers are often surprised at what we can offer for their unwanted jewellery. Especially items hidden away for years. For example, we had lady who had inherited a jewellery collection. She provided us with an insurance valuation from 1974 and the belief that prices may have gone down. In fact Jewellery was very cheap in the 1970s. We were able to offer her many times the valuation, equating to several thousand pounds.

What happens now?

Send your photos and any information you may have to us so that we can assess your items.

Firstly, we will make a preliminary offer so you know what to expect from us. Then, book an appointment at our office in Poynton (Cheshire) or we can arrange postage.

lastly, we will examine your jewellery and make a revised offer. We always strive to beat our initial offer when we can. Should we both agree, then we will pay you immediately.

Contact us below to be sure of a quick, confidential and dependable quote.

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