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A superb example of revivalist jewellery from the 19th century circa 1870.


Crafted from solid 15k gold with a luxurious matte finish.

The concave front hosting a prominent Greek key motif, complete with original matching bale and and glazed locket back for a keepsake or picture.


The Greek key is the simplest form of a decoration used in ancient Greece known as a meander.

The name meander is taken from the meander river with its many twists and turns.


It was believed by the ancient Greeks to symbolizes unity and infinity, some historian believe it also strong association with the labyrinth.

For me it represents the path in life, never straight but forever continuing forward.


Although commonly associated with ancient Greece its use can be found several ancient cultures like the Etruscan, Mayan and Chinese.


This design has has remained popular over millennia, from ancient mosaic floors to modern day Versace wallpaper.

A superbly designed piece with a rich history crafted over a century and a half ago but remains chic.

Additional information




43.5 (including bale)




15k Gold



Year of Manufacture



Excellent, commensurate with age, Small Dent on the side