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If you know your Greek mythology, you’ll recognize Perseus in this very rare 19th century gold and carnelian intaglio ring.


The story is that Perseus was sent away on an impossible mission to slay Medusa, the snake-headed monster who turned all who looked at her into stone.


With the help of the gods, he was given winged sandals by Hermes, a mirrored shield by Athena and a cap on invisibility by Hades, which helped him to kill Medusa and bring her head back home to kill his enemies.


The ring is made from 15k pink gold with yellow gold bezel, set with a carnelian intaglio showing the head Perseus.


Medusa’s head is depicted on Perseus’s shield.

Additional information

Ring Size

N (UK) – 6 3/4 (US)

Head measurements

2.2 x 1.8cm




15k Gold, Carnelian

Year of Manufacture

19th Century


Excellent, commensurate with age