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Fine antique and vintage jewellery specialists. We provide our customers with truly one-of-a-kind pieces, from 18th century to the Art Deco era and beyond.

Product Guarantee

Product Guarantee:


We take high quality photos of each product from multiple angles, these form part of the description and are there in order to aid your decision to purchase and show any imperfections or damage to items.

In the event of any discrepancy between the photos and description, please contact us before purchase as this can be clarified further.

Due to the nature of digital photography, the different methods of viewing the photos(monitors, phone, tablets etc) and variance in colour settings, we cannot guarantee that colors on photos will match 100% to the color displayed on screen, however will be a close proximity. In most cases this is sufficient to get a good idea of the colours/shades.

We are able to provide additional photos of products if required, however this will be limited to a few per product.

Note: Photos are edited to remove backgrounds so that the photos can be seen more clearly, these will not be edited to enhance or change the items appearance in any way, to provide an accurate view of the product.

Accuracy of Description:

We will always provide an accurate description with full details on the age and history of a product.

Due to the nature of some items, it is difficult to give an accurate date and an estimate will be provided based on the item design, features, manufacturing techniques, and patina/finish.

In the rare event an error has been made and you have purchased a product based on this issue, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to rectify this issue.

Items will be tested for precious metals where possible to ensure accuracy of description.

Errors in pricing:

Pricing errors will not be honored and a refund will be issued where an incorrect price has been given, you will still be offered the item at the correct price. Pricing errors can occur when an item is uploaded on the site for example if a decimal point is added e.g. £3.99 instead of £399.